Do I Feel Lucky?, Well Do Ya Punk?


California Criminal Jury Instruction, CALCRIM NO. 1190 (2006).

I had envisioned my first contribution to “The Maleist” to be one in which I crowed about the defeat of Hillary Rodham Clinton and victory of Donald J. Trump. It was to be fused with the glee and shared male sentiment that, in the Clinton defeat, we had dodged an assassin’s bullet. However, we at “The Maleist”, dedicated as we are to advancing the interest of males, feel that males are better served by alerting them to the practical, daily gyno-centric threats.

The Western Male finds himself in escalating conflict with an artificially-empowered female who has formally declared that her avowed aim is to rid the world of the “Y” and replace with the “X” chromosomes. The culturally-sanctioned denigration of the Western Male is common, accepted and applauded. Conditioned to self-loathe, the Western Male welcomes criticism and participates in “self-criticism” like a prisoner does in a North Korean “re-education” camp.The Western Male simultaneously applauds and thanks those who denigrate and dehumanize him. In this environment, delusion overwhelms reality. The views of Catherine MacKinnon, now mainstream, embrace her modest pronouncement that half of all American women will be raped at least once in their lifetimes. Given the scale of MacKinnion’s “rape crisis” canard, a corresponding level of criminal prosecution and conviction rate is mandated. Not since the “Red Scare” has society mobilized to this level to pursuit of an apparition. With the zeal of Captain Ahab, legions of judges, prosecutors, social workers and specialized police units scour the ends of the earth in search of a “White Whale” to harpoon. For the few who dare to publicly express skepticism at the “Rape Crisis” myth retaliation befitting that of a Soviet dissident awaits. In response to this obvious mortal threat, most Western Males retreat into an extreme form of cognitive dissonance in which they privately acknowledge the jihad women have launched yet refuse to publicly acknowledge or discuss it. The timidity is shocking but pervasive. Some opine that The Timid White Male phenomenon has exposed a new invertebrate species waiting for formal scientific discovery.

In his recent book, “Guilt By Accusation”, Professor Alan Dershowitz assails and laments the fact that a mere allegation of sexual misconduct is sufficient to establish guilt, even an allegation that is demonstrably false. That is the point of Professor Deshowitz’s book. Himself accused, Professor Dershowitz reflects on the western world’s downward spiral into a medieval mentality in which of superstitious allegations resulting in a modern-day burning at the stake for males accused of sexual misconduct. Professor Dershowitz chronicles his accuser’s false allegations, provides proof of their falsity and the forces and motivations driving the accuser’s false allegations. So confident is he in his innocence and in the falsity of his accuser’s allegations against him that Professor Dershowitz has repeatedly demanded an FBI investigation but not surprisingly has received only a tepid response from the FBI which he justifiably ascribes to the fear of incurring the wrath of #MeToo and the #TimesUp mob.

On a recent Mark Levin show, Professor Dershowitz revealed that his legal bills had exceeded one million dollars and that he expected significantly more. The cost to one falsely accused cannot be adequately quantified as the damage to his character, personal and professional life and to one’s reputation is enormous. Compelled to spend time disproving a false allegation, one compounds the damage by drawing additional public attention to the false allegations. The satisfaction of proving one’s accuser a liar is diminished by the fact a woman who makes false allegation shall never face criminal liability. Likewise eager-beaver prosecutor who prosecutes based on a false allegation shall face no adverse consequences, too. As the truth seldom catches the lie, the damage to a male is irreparable. For males of normal station, irreparable damage is not limited to just one’s personal and professional life but may entail being ground to dust in a criminal process.

As many have remarked, the more sinister aspect of the false-allegation industry is not only the complete lack of legal accountability for women which only encourages women to continue to level false accusation but also that a woman who is proven to have lied is rewarded with the honor of being re-victimized by the patriarchy. In other words, how dare a male deny the false allegation and then prove it to be false. That can be traumatizing for the woman. That re-victimized “victim” status is emotional, intellectual and professional cash in the bank for a woman. Having attained “re-victimized” victim status, she earns a complete defense to any and all personal or professional accountability for the balance of her life as her life is thereafter defined by the trauma she suffered as a “re-victimized” victim.

In the criminal process, a male quickly learns that evidence favorable to him in the government’s possession, ranging from the accused’s contradictory statements, evidence of her express or implied admission of consent or her statement(s) that belie(s) the falsity of her allegation, is generally withheld by the government or excluded by the trial judge as “irrelevant”. The male also learns that judges routinely qualify people as experts whose sole mission is to convince a jury that the absence of evidence of a crime is evidence of a crime. If it sounds Orwellian it is just that. A common prosecutor tactic to bolster a weak case is the introduction of the male’s alleged prior bad acts. Out of the wood work come old girlfriends, office work mates or any woman who has a long-standing grudge against the accused or a person who feels aggrieved by males and wishes to express those feelings based on some encounter with the accused male. In sum, a gaggle of women are hailed into court to participate in an old-fashioned pile on to relate to the jury their perceived ill treatment at the hands of the accused. Though the alleged “bad act” had occurred years earlier at a different location, under different circumstances and often was neither reported nor investigated, the government is nonetheless allowed and encouraged to meet its superficial burden of proof by presenting “evidence” of the accused’s “bad character” through an alleged “bad acts” which is just another unsubstantiated allegation like the allegation in the underlying matter.

With exculpatory evidence excluded or never disclosed or if inadevertently disclosed, it is excluded as irrelevant, an accuser coached to sob and cry on command as she relates her allegation, a gaggle of female accusers paraded into court to shower a jury with untested testimony of prior “bad acts” which amounts to little more than gossip, a government “expert” or two who assure the jury that the absence of evidence is evidence of a crime and a jury instruction that a mere allegation is sufficient to convict, an accused male stands an excellent chance of conviction and a draconian sentence imposed, all stemming from a mere allegation.

In the years to come, this gyno-jihad shall expand throughout the western world, ensnaring more and younger males. Given the trajectory of the western female it is well within the realm of possibilities that we shall witness the creation of a juvenile penal system designed to incarcerate thousands of young males charged with sexual misconduct based on a mere allegation and the upon their release forcing their registration as sex offenders, all before the age of sixteen. Inflicting this civil disability on males shall ensure their disqualification from participation in civil and political society leaving the field open to women. While society’s devolution into a gynocracy shall not end well for the west, in the interim, males must avoid becoming a casualty to the rabid gyno-moloch.The male must comprehend that his extreme vulnerability is due, in great part, to a judicial system that has lost and continues to lose its moorings. Perhaps for this reason, David Kaplan’s bestselling book, an expose on the unelected judiciary, that routinely undermines democratic principles and processes is titled, “The Most Dangerous Branch.” A male must rest assured that once accused, the judicial system shall employ all its resources to ensure his conviction which necessarily includes tailoring jury instructions to remove the burden of providing any evidence beyond a mere allegation to convict.

We, at “The Maleist”, hope that each male comprehends that there an increasing likelihood of falling into the crosshairs of a female accuser and that her mere allegation is sufficient to convict and send him to prison. Thus, males must give serious consideration to how much interaction they will permit, under what circumstances and understand with each encounter another opportunity presents itself to be accused. All males are well-advised to recall the colloquy between perennial bad male villain Scorpio and Dirty Harry who while pointing his 44 Magnum pistol at his head, who rhetorically “You’ve got to ask yourself a question: ‘ do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya punk”?

the Timid White Male

One thought on “Do I Feel Lucky?, Well Do Ya Punk?

  1. I wrongfully convicted myself for a plea because my other choice was death. I was charged and treated as a felony rapist for 2 years before I had an opportunity for a trial. A trial, ha. What a joke that would have been. They raped everything from me. All without asking me a single question. All on her words. I’m going to trust them for due process when they’ve shown none?? Judges need to stop being irreproachable.


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